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plumbers in michigan

Your standard plumber handles a variety of water-related repairs, replacements, and remodels. From leaky faucets to non-functioning water heaters, plumbing companies nation-wide are equipped to handle a range of jobs. Here in Michigan, homeowners are hit with the full force of four seasons; rainy springs, scorching summers, chilly falls, and frozen winters. Your relationship with

does drain cleaner damage pipes

In case you haven’t heard of them, drain cleaners often refer to chemical cleaners used to clear blockages in pipes. The typical over-the-counter drain cleaner comes in liquid or gel form and works by quickly dissolving soap scum, food deposits, hair, and more. Drano, Liquid-Plumr, and countless other popular brands offer drain cleaning products that


Your toilet is arguably the most important plumbing fixture in your whole house. Sure, one can make the argument for a shower or bath tub, but let’s be honest—while you can make due without a shower or bath tub (we’ve all washed our hair in the sink or freshened up without the assistance of the

top brighton water heater repair

BRIGHTON, Michigan: When you think about your favorite household amenities what are a few that come to mind? Almost always indoor plumbing and of course heat for those rough Michigan winters. As your Brighton hot water heater repair specialists, Premier Plumbing Inc. takes care of two birds with one stone. Always reliable, fast, and friendly,


COMMERCE, Michigan: Since 1987 Premier Plumbing Inc. has been the go-to name in plumbing in Southeast Michigan and Metro Detroit. From commercial investors, to builders, suppliers, and of course loyal homeowners and community members, Premier Plumbing has partnered with thousands of happy customers over their historic 30 year run. A family company originally founded by two


If your sink is having difficulty handling food scraps then it may be time for a garbage disposal replacement in your sink. There are several warning signs that will let you know its time to make the move. The good folks at Premier Plumbing can help you

Leaks and broken pipes can happen to anyone at anytime. Indeed, there are few things worse than returning to your home or place of business and finding water pouring out of the front door. Do not let this happen to you! Now you can protect yourself, your home, and all of your most precious belongings

summer plumbing tips

The days are getting longer and hotter, final exams are underway, and those family vacation plans are nearly complete; what does all this mean? You guessed it… summer is almost here! For the conscious home owner, summer isn’t quite as glamorous as it appears on TV and in movies. Utility bills skyrocket, appliances falter, and

COMMERCE, MICHIGAN: They say that April showers bring May flowers, and while we all appreciate the rain and everything great it does for us it can also be quite the destructive force. Intense spring rains can put pressure on your foundation and stress your home’s storm drain systems, specifically your sump pump. If you live


FARMINGTON HILLS, MI: The best sump pump replacement Farmington Hills folks trust is Premier Plumbing Inc. If you are experiencing problems with your sump pump and having water accumulate in your basement do not delay and give us a call today! One of the most important and often one of the most overlooked components of