In the age of Youtube, homeowners love to try and DIY everything. From Halloween costumes to gourmet meals, crafty consumers are taking matters into their own hands. But any plumber will tell you, sometimes DIY can end in disaster! When it comes to plumbing issues in your home, sometimes it’s best to leave residential plumbing services to the professionals.

Here are the Top 5 Residential Plumbing Services That You REALLY Shouldn’t DIY…


1. Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodel

For Kitchen Remodels, Consider Hiring an Experienced Plumber

  To save a buck or two, homeowners don’t mind taking on a kitchen remodel. That’s a big NO NO. While it may seem easy to change out a sink, garbage disposal, or refrigerator water line, one misstep could be catastrophic. Before redesigning your kitchen or planning an appliance upgrade, it is recommended to consult a plumber. This could save you from a series of issues including…
  1. Incorrect fittings between pipes, connectors, and plumbing fixtures
  2. Deficient water pressure
  3. Leaks both visible and hidden

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2. Bath Remodel

bathroom remodel

Beautiful Bathroom Remodel by Premier Plumbing, Inc.

  Master bath not feeling too masterful? We love our bathrooms to look, feel, and function like new. Unfortunately, DIYers think it’s as easy as a quit stint at Youtube university. Believe me, IT’S NOT! An improperly remodeled bathroom isn’t just annoying, but can be incredibly costly. Leaks, drips, and water pressure problems can resonate through the whole house, eventually leading to top dollar repairs. This residential plumbing service is definitely better left to the pros!  

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3. New Toilet Install

new toilet install

New Toilet Installed in a Bathroom

  Toilets are one of those plumbing fixtures you can’t live without. What’s more, an old toilet can bloat your water bill. It may seem easy to pull out your old toilet and attach a new, more efficient one, but that isn’t always the case. From size, to shape, to flushing performance, there is a lot to consider when buying and installing a new toilet. It is strongly recommended to leave it to an experienced plumber! If you’re thinking about replacing a toilet and you’re NOT a plumber, you may want to check this video from Timothy Thabethe…    

4. Leaky Pipe Repair & Replacement

residential plumbing services for leaky pipe repair and replacement

Sometimes a Leaky Pipe Doesn’t get Better, it gets Wetter!

  Leaky pipes are a serious matter. Water damage is the scourge of all property owners… for good reason! Electrical damage, fire, mold, and pests can all result from an improperly repaired leak. But the most common issue from an improperly repaired leak is water damage. The average homeowner spends between $1,124 and $4,412 to restore or repair water damage ( This is one of the most common residential plumbing services, so maybe next time put the toolkit away and leave it to the pros?  

5. Water Heater Install, Repair, & Replacement

residential water heater install repair replacement

Water Heater Installation by a Pro is Always a Safe Bet

  In the 21st century, a home without hot water is no home at all. From the comfort of a long, hot shower, to sanitizing dirty dishes, hot water is essential on so many levels. That’s why when it’s time to repair or replace your Water Heater, you shouldn’t turn it into a DIY project. Not only is it notoriously difficult, but downright irresponsible. Your Water Heater can be powered by electric, natural gas, or even solar, and range from conventional storage (tank), to tankless, to hybrid. It’s best to leave all hot water matters to a seasoned professional!  

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