WEST BLOOMFIELD, MICHIGAN – It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We here at Premier Plumbing Inc. love the holidays just as much as you do because it means great food and quality time with friends and family. Unfortunately, the extra traffic and food all around us can have adverse impacts on your pipes, as debris from the turkey, dressing, and mashed potatoes can turn a small drain problem or backed up sink into a more serious one. For drain cleaning West Bloomfield, MI service, trust the folks at Premier Plumbing Inc. to take care of those pesky drains and then some! We are here for you when Santa can’t be!


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Drains clogged or bath tub backing up? Check out our Service Area Map and see if you’re part of the biggest and best coverage network in the state of Michigan!

Your pipes and drains are the repository for all of your waterworks. From your toilet to your kitchen sink to the overflow tube in your bath tub, our drains take our used water and safely transport it out of the house. In the process, used water for showers and doing the dishes can bring things like skin, hair, food, dirt, and everything else in between and put it where it’s not supposed to be! Sad!

Taken together, a volume of flushes, drains, and drips with extracurricular materials such as these aforementioned ingredients can become chronic to the point where you need professional services.

While products like at home snakes or pour-down-the-drain agents like Draino can have some positive impacts, there is no replacement for the tips, tricks, and tools at the disposal of Premier Plumbing Inc.! Call us today for your drain cleaning needs, as we offer great deals on the service and have the know-how to get the job done right the first time.


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Premier Plumbing Inc. is the number one plumber in West Bloomfield for a reason. For over 30 years, the service experts at Premier have been caring for West Bloomfield families and all of their plumbing needs. This includes fixtures, showers, baths, and plumbing lines for all of your remodels, repairs, and new construction projects too! Whether you want a new toilet or want to revamp you kitchen, the trusty professionals at Premier are only a phone call away!

We take pride in our ability to deliver a premium service at a fair price for our customers and our community. Every time you deal with Premier Plumbing Inc. our goal is to blow you out of the water by delivering the best possible plumbing services for the absolute best rates on the market! Talk to us, let us know everything that’s wrong and we will work with you to craft tailor-made solutions right then and there!


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