Major water and waste removal issues can shut a place of business down in a hurry.  Because lost time is lost money, it’s important to get a plumbing contractor on the scene as fast as possible. That’s why more and more businesses have their go-to commercial plumbing partner on speed dial. If your business is looking to find a commercial plumber near you, it’s important to investigate and vet your options to insure that you are signing up with a company that’s knowledgeable, experienced, and punctual.

Finding a Commercial Plumber Near Me (Detroit & Southeast MI)


1. What is Commercial Plumbing?

  Roger explains the difference between Commercial and Residential plumbing Commercial plumbing can mean a lot of things: bigger pipes, more water, and more people. It is also any plumbing service done for businesses or at a commercial space. It is therefore distinct from residential plumbing by setting. In fact, both commercial and residential plumbing share many of the same principles and systems, though often on a different scale. Where a toilet service at your neighborhood supermarket is a commercial service, a toilet service at the Jones’s up the road would be considered residential. Easy as can be!  

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New water and drain for our friends at the beauty salon

Some of the most common commercial plumbing jobs include new construction, hot water systems, fixtures, and business service and partnerships. Let’s take a closer look at each to get a better understanding of what commercial plumbers near you bring to the table:

New Construction Water and Drain

Prepping new centers for ingenuity and commerce for the long road of use ahead is the name of the game. In the case of commercial water and drain projects, lots of users and lots traffic requires a more substantial water supply, more volume for exit wastes, and the need for a clean, centralized control system and monitoring. Each of these facets of the project come with their own set of unique challenges.

Water Heater Systems Installation

Hot water for all of a commercial building’s needs is no joke. Establish use requirements and designing the most efficient plumbing stacks possible are only a few of the steps required. Commercial hot water projects might include something as large as designing the shower systems at a large fitness center or something as simple as installing a small, tankless water heater at a local gas station.

Faucet, Toilet, Bathtub, & Shower at Scale

As previously mentioned, both commercial and residential plumbing services can deal with repairing common fixtures like toilets, sinks, and showers. But where a toilet in your guest bathroom might not get many miles, public lavatories in commercial spaces have to deal with the wear, tear, and downright abuse by all walks of life and hygiene levels. Installing a network of all new fixtures across many floors and spaces is another common commercial job for new builds and investments, and requires a bandwidth that some plumbing companies might not be able to offer.

Retainer Partnership (Service & Emergency)

Because plumbing disasters can happen at any moment to anyone many businesses will have a go-to plumber, electrician, or handyman on speed dial. With many large, complex systems and multiple use points, it is important that any commercial plumbing partner have a team that can handle your worst case scenario in a timely manner.

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3. Finding a Commercial Plumber Near Me

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Fancy new commercial building waterworks

Half of the battle when it comes to finding commercial plumbers near you is knowing where to look. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Not only is Premier Plumbing Inc. Southeast Michigan’s most trusted commercial plumber near you, we’re also pretty good at finding things online (plumbing is only one of our many talents):
  • Google: Yes, of course! When in doubt, always head on over to Google on your smart phone or computer and ask about commercial plumbers near you. Use Google to browse reviews, educate yourself on particular job types, or watch relevant videos on YouTube by other plumbing professionals.
  • Online Directory: Online directories are all over the place. Some of the most reliable sites specifically for finding a list of commercial plumbers include,, and,
  • Phone Book: Tried and true. If you can still find a phone book, they will have a specific section devoted to plumbing professionals in your area code and the areas surrounding. is always great to if you can’t get your hands on the real thing!
  • Ask A Contractor: We’ve all got that friend who swears “his guy” is the best for everything. Maybe “his guy” is a commercial plumber himself or knows of someone that he considers a true professional. Whether you are asking a contractor about someone they know or interviewing a contractor to do the job for you directly, always be sure tell them everything you possibly can so that they are better able to answer questions or steer you in the right direction.

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4. How to Hire a Plumber

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Here it comes… the payoff! You’ve figured out what commercial plumbing is and how it is different from residential plumbing services. You’ve also learned about some of the most common commercial plumbing jobs, like new construction and drain and business retainer service. Finally, you also understand the ins-and-outs of the search and where to find and talk to the best plumbers in Southeast Michigan and Detroit. What’s left? Hire yourself a commercial plumber, explain your project, get a quote, and get this show on the road!

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