Leaks and broken pipes can happen to anyone at anytime. Indeed, there are few things worse than returning to your home or place of business and finding water pouring out of the front door. Do not let this happen to you! Now you can protect yourself, your home, and all of your most precious belongings with water leak detection from LeakSMART installed by Premier Plumbing Inc.

As part of your free in home consultation a Premier Plumbing professional will survey your property to identify risk factors, provide upgrade recommendations, and also give you an estimate on the costs of a system install and plans for continued maintenance.


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Traveling this Summer? Get LeakSMART Installed by Premier Plumbing Inc.


Pipes Don’t Last Forever

Traveling this summer? How about for the holidays? Long day at work? Broken pipes and valves wait for no one. Take the peace of mind with you to Fiji and know that as you look out on a limitless horizon of sparkling waters there are no waters back at home that will stand in the way of you having yourself a good old time.

In a nutshell, LeakSMART’s proprietary remote risk monitoring system keeps tabs on your pipes 24/7 with pressure sensors and drip monitors that trigger automatic water shutoffs, alert notifications, and even a mobile app for easy wireless management. The app is user-friendly and will support as many properties as you own.

There is no doubt that LeakSMART technologies installed by Premier Plumbing equip you with a variety of measures that minimize the risk of water-related property damage. A serious upgrade over the often hard-to-get-to stopcock, LeakSMART makes shutting off your water as easy as a push of a button!

On top of all that LeakSMART could even help you save you some dough on your home insurance policy so make sure you check with your provider!



  • Around 50% of all business interruption claims are attributed to waterline breaks and flooding.
  • Insurance companies pay out $1 billion annually in water damage claims.


Property Manager’s Rejoice

LeakSMART systems installed by Premier Plumbing are the perfect idea for property managers and AirBNB landlords. These properties see all sorts of people coming in and out, and occassionally a bad guest can do something like leave the water running in the sink!

Now if you own multi-family investment properties, you are probably already too familiar with how a leak in one unit can impact the building as a whole.

Let’s face it, life is tough enough already. Whether it’s autopay on your bills or automatic-renewal on your favorite goods and services, having certain items set to cruise control can make your days a lot less hectic. So do yourself a favor and give Premier Plumbing a call, talk to a pro about the benefits of LeakSMART, and set up your free consultation today!

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