Being a homeowner comes with all sorts of responsibilities. One of the most important of those responsibilities is maintaining a strong and healthy plumbing system. You are bound to run into some common household plumbing problems that millions of people face every year, and when you do, it’s important to be prepared. Indeed, chances are someone has faced the exact same issue you are facing and eventually triumphed, and hopefully, by the end of this article, you will have triumphed too! Some of these problems are easily fixed by the homeowner, while others may require the assistance of a professional plumber. Here are 8 of the Most Common Household Plumbing Problems, what may have caused them, and potential solutions.

dripping faucet wasting water


1. Dripping Faucets


One of the most common household plumbing problems that we see just about every day is a dripping faucet. Many people just ignore dripping faucets; this is a mistake. For starters, they can leak hundreds of gallons of water a year, which is a complete waste of both water and money. The impact on your water bill can be significant. They can also stain sinks and bathtubs if your water contains excess heavy metals and minerals like iron.

This is often one of the simplest problems to fix if you have the proper tools. Sometimes all it takes is tightening the fixture. A worn out or loose washer can also be the culprit of a dripping faucet. This is a very cheap fix that can save you hundreds in more ways than one.


2. Slow Drains


Slow drains are another common household plumbing problem that many people choose to live with instead of fixing. It can be very annoying to be shaving or taking a shower and the water just sits in the bottom of the tub draining at a snail’s pace.

Soap scum buildup and clumps of hair are the main cause of these slow drains. One of the simplest fixes for this problem is using a plunger. There are special plungers that are sized just for sinks. You have to be careful to actually remove the clumps of hair when plunging, or the problem will come back in short order. There are also chemical products that can be used for this purpose, but you have to be very careful not to mix the wrong chemicals together as a dangerous gas can be formed. It is often better to use a combination of vinegar and baking soda. A shower drain guard can go a long way towards preventing this problem altogether.

3. Clogged Toilet


Millions of people face clogged toilets every day. The causes can vary from too much toilet paper being used to weak flushing toilets. Keeping a plunger next to the toilet is a very good idea. A couple quick plunges usually clears the lines. For tougher clogs, you will need a snake. Household snakes are a great tool for small blockages, but many times consistent clogging means you may have to call on a professional in order to penetrate deeper into the drain pipes.


4. Running Toilet


running toilet fixed by plumber

A running toilet is one of the most common household problems on earth. It can be far more costly than a dripping sink. When it comes to toilets, a “constant runner” can waste as much as a hundred gallons of water per day! This problem is usually remedied by the purchase and installation of a toilet repair kit from the local hardware store. They are usually priced around $20. The installation is usually pretty simple and can be done by any homeowner.

Sometimes there are more complex reasons that cause the toilet to waste water. A spiking water bill for no apparent reason is usually a good indicator of this. A professional plumber is usually necessary to inspect this issue.


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5. Hot Water Heater Failure


hot water tank failure


Hot water heater failure is a quick way to ruin any shower or dish washing expedition. The first step towards fixing the problem for anyone that has a non electric hot water heater is checking the pilot light. This can be a very quick and easy fix. If you are unable to get the water heater going by lighting the pilot light, a call to a professional plumber is usually the next step.

A professional can inspect your heater and recommend a fix. Replacement is sometimes necessary. The cost can range from $700-$1500+.


6. Low Water Pressure


f you notice a sudden drop in water pressure, the first step is usually checking different fixtures around your house. If the problem is only at one sink or shower, simply disassembling and cleaning the water dispenser can fix the problem. Vinegar is a great product to break down sediment and return your water pressure to its rightful strength.

Low water pressure can make taking a shower or doing dishes very difficult. You do not have to just live with the problem. A little effort will go a long way.


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7. Excess Iron in the Water


rusted shower from excess iron in the water


This is a problem that many homeowners that get their water from a well. High amounts of iron can have a negative impact on the taste of your drinking water and can also cause odors. It will also stain toilets and showers. Many homeowners with high iron have to get a water softener to remedy the problem, and even then, additional measures are sometimes needed. For that, you might consider a whole house water filter.

A professional plumber is required for the installation of a whole house water filter. It is usually not a job that the average homeowner will want to tackle.


8. Sump Pump Failure


flooded basement from sump pump failureSump pump failure can result in a flooded basement

Sump pump failure can be a catastrophe. Unfortunately, many people don’t know where their sump pump is or what it even does. Basically, it’s the engine at the center of your house’s storm drain system that keeps your basement and foundation dry. If it fails during times of heavy rain, your basement may experience some flooding. A flooded basement is a nightmare for any homeowner. Property damage can ruin appliances like heaters and can ruin prized personal goods. 

Testing the pump for proper functionality during dry times is important. It is very helpful to be aware of where your pump is and how it functions. In fact, keeping a backup on hand is never a bad idea. Many homeowners are capable of doing the maintenance themselves. A professional plumber can assist with installation and more technical fixes, need be.


Conclusion: Fixing Your Problems is Just a Phone Call Away


Are you singing the household plumbing problem blues? If you fall victim to any of the problems on the list it’s best to call a professional that can diagnose and solve all of your most common household problems in no time flat. Reach out to a Premier Plumbing pro today!

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