Installing something as simple as a touchless faucet or an auto flush toilet can reduce anxiety all the while benefiting you in many considerable ways! What are those ways you may ask? There are more perks to a touchless fixture than you may know.

Consider touchless technology, or just want to learn more about it? Keep reading to discover how you can transform your home or business into a comfortable clean space using an up-to-date touchless auto flush toilet or touch-free faucet.

1. Profitable


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Aside from saving money by upgrading your bathroom, kitchen, or office with a touchless fixture, you can also make money!

Have you been itching to revamp your kitchen or update your bathroom? Well now’s the time! Touchless technology can start saving you money immediately.

No more water waste while brushing teeth, washing hands, or cleaning dishes. No more 1/2 flushes or kids leaving the bathroom sink on. You’ll start to notice the dollars and cents rolling off your water bill immediately.

Dated bar, restaurant, hotel, or work place? Choosing to upgrade your work environment not only makes it a safer space, but will attract more business. Remodeling your business to meet the safety needs of the public will show people that you truly care.


2. Efficiency


Imagine using a toilet that is made to automatically flush when triggered. That same toilet uses a sufficient amount of water that isn’t going to splash you on the way out, or make you feel as if you’re going to get sucked in! Keep your water pressure from fluctuating, and your back from breaking bending over to push that darn knob.

When it comes to plumbing, there are a million variables that could be negatively affecting your office or homes’ water system. Water pressure just seems to be the most common culprit for us all. With a touchless sink and auto-flush toilet, you can send those pressure worries down the drain.

Regardless of the obstacle, residential and commercial plumbing companies like Premier Plumbing in Detroit, MI always have your back by providing options for top rated brands and installing it safely. They make plumbing as effortless as can be.


3. Preserves Our Environment



Contributing to growth and positive change by doing your part can inspire others. Whether that’s curing disease, fighting evil, or in our case, preserving the environment! 

By upgrading to high tech sensors that release a precise amount of water, you can save gallons of water per day. Just another wonderful benefit of switching to Automatic technology.

Increased efficiency, saving money, and saving the planet… who wouldn’t want to join the touch-free trend?


4. Practical


Installing auto flush or a touchless sink in your home or in the office can save you tons of cash. Think about the times you let the water run in the kitchen while you zoom off to stir something, or while brushing your teeth. If you have kids then, need I say more about the amount of water use?

With all the paint-covered fingers, sticky hands, and flour-coated helpful mini cooks, the faucet is always running. So who better to benefit from a touchless sink and toilet than a young child! Plus, Turning a handle or flushing a toilet can be quite the chore for toddlers and young children. Touchless will have them “feeling like a big kid” washing their hands!

But touchless technology isn’t just for kids. All ages prefer the technology, especially businesses.

In your business, add up all your employees and multiply the average number of times a person uses the restroom. It adds up big!

Touch-free technology reduces the spread of bacteria which in turn can keep you, your employees, and your customers healthy and happy. So logically, switching to hands free plumbing can not only save you money, but provide a cleaner and more efficient experience for you, your loved ones, customers, AND staff members.


5. Peace of Mind



Do you ever stop to second guess whether you’ve washed your hands well enough after doing your business in the bathroom? Yeah, me too!

Stop worrying if your water was hot enough, if the pressure was high enough, rinsed for more than 20 seconds, etc. Leave those details for the professionals and give yourself some ease by installing touchless toilets and hands free faucets.

When you decide to make the switch, keep that peace of mind by handing over that laundry list of plumbing issues and upgrades to experts who are truly committed to providing a dependable service.


Touch-less Toilet for the Touchdown


It’s easy to see why touchless fixtures are the better choice. While they’re more expensive than their low-tech counterparts, touchless toilets and faucets can save money, the environment, and even help keep a cleaner workplace.


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