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Smart home technology has revolutionized our daily lives, encompassing a wide range of devices from savvy thermostats to Wi-Fi fridges. While we often consider how these technologies impact our lives, we may overlook the role of plumbing in smart homes. We’ll discuss the intriguing intertwining of plumbing and smart home technology, and explore the ingenious plumbing features that enable optimal water conservation.

What is Smart Home Plumbing?

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 Smart home plumbing opens endless possibilities for homeowners. This technology integrates well with traditional plumbing to elevate convenience, efficiency, and functionality. Some of the most common uses of smart home plumbing are water usage monitoring, leak detection, and shut off water supply.


Benefits of Smart Home Plumbing

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 With ever-evolving technology, smart home plumbing has established itself as a groundbreaking innovation. Smart home plumbing comes with a plethora of benefits that allow you to safeguard your home. One of the benefits of these state-of-the-art systems is that they allow you to monitor water usage in real time, enabling you to keep track of your expenditure patterns and potentially decrease your utility bills. Another benefit is that they can detect leaks instantly – even the ones that you don’t notice immediately. This rapid detection not only prevents water waste but also helps sidestep costly repairs that often come as a result of water damage.


Types of Smart Home Plumbing

There’s a sweeping range of smart home plumbing devices on the market. In today’s times, smart home plumbing technology brings a newfound layer of efficiency to our water systems, allowing for the best possible conservation and usage. From smart leak detectors that fend off water damage to smart faucets that preserve water, the options are plentiful. Below, we’ll explore the types of smart home plumbing technologies, delving into their prime features.


Smart Leak Detectors

A plumbing leak is a frustrating experience for most homeowners, especially when you don’t know where the leak is coming from. An estimated 14,000 water leaks are reported each day in the United States which collectively cost home insurance companies and homeowners billions of dollars annually. Leaks can be anywhere from the hot water tank to under the slab. They can also go unnoticed for long periods of time and wreak havoc on your home. Fortunately, the innovative technology of smart leak detectors allows you to find plumbing leaks quickly and precisely.


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Smart Faucets

Smart faucets can be connected to your smart home devices, and with hands-free voice activation features, you can set your faucet to do a number of things like adjust temperatures, program the water amount, and schedule the amount of time it will run before shutting off on its own. These faucets offer additional convenience if your hands happen to be full or dirty. When it comes to your shower, smart faucets offer the most optimal shower experience. You can start your shower with a simple touch of a button with your preferred temperature setting each and every time. You can also set time limits on showers and see up-to-date information on usage, which leads to ideal water conservation.


Smart Shutoff Valves

When there’s a plumbing leak, one of the first things most people do is stop the flow by shutting off the water. But when you’re away from home, this action proves to be impossible. These arduous tasks have been whisked away with smart shutoff valves. If you’re unfamiliar with what a smart shutoff valve is – it’s an electronic valve that can be opened or closed by hand or the flow of water can be turned on or off by touching a button. When it comes to plumbing in smart homes, smart shutoff valves give you the opportunity to act quickly so you can lessen the damage and have peace of mind.


Smart Pipes

Smart pipes are a suitable option for homes that are constructed from the ground up. The pipes are embedded with technology that connects to your phone and detects a wide range of issues such as leaks and even major bursts.


When to Call a Professional for Your Smart Home Plumbing Needs

While smart home plumbing technology offers plenty of benefits from comfort to added convenience, it’s important to keep in mind that installing and troubleshooting these smart devices often entail professional skills. If you’re thinking about upgrading to smart plumbing or facing dilemmas with your current system, it may be time to let the professionals take the wheel.

A skilled plumber that specializes in plumbing in smart homes can ensure appropriate installation, offer helpful tips on usage, and promptly resolve any issues. Even though the realm of smart home plumbing is fascinating, D-I-Y projects are not for everyone. If you’re ever in doubt, it’s best to lean on the professionals at Premier Plumbing who understand the inner workings of these systems.


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