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Are you finding that your main sewer line keeps clogging? Experiencing a blocked drain or facing issues with your plumbing can be an incredibly frustrating time for any homeowner. Not only can these issues cause major disruption to your daily life, but they can also result in very costly repairs.

To prevent serious damage to your property, being able to identify the signs of a clogged sewer line and how to clear that blockage is essential. To help you, we thought we would take a closer look.

What is the Main Sewer Line?

Before we look at some of the reasons why your main sewer line keeps clogging, it is first important to understand what it is. This is the main pipeline that links your property with the main sewerage system, removing wastewater from your home and into the main system where it can be safely treated.

Main Sewer Line vs. Water Lines (What’s the Difference?)

As mentioned, the main sewer line is the pipeline that takes wastewater from your toilet away from your property, either directly to the sewerage system or to your septic tank. A water line, however, is a pressurized system that takes water from your sinks, washing machine, and other appliances to the main sewer.

How do you know if the main sewer line is obstructed or clogged?

A blocked sewerage line does not occur instantly and usually builds up slowly over time. That means identifying signs before it becomes fully clogged can help to ensure you are not facing major issues later on.

Some of the main things to keep an eye out for include:

Noticing dark water

One of the primary signs that you have a clogged main sewer line is noticing dark water pooling in your bath or shower. This occurs when wastewater has nowhere else to go and ends up moving backwards into your home.

This water will usually be very dark in color and typically foul-smelling. It will also contain raw sewage, so proper protection should be worn when handling it.

Slow draining

Another common sign is noticing that your drains are emptying slower than normal. Blockages do not occur overnight, so slow draining indicates that some water is moving through the pipe but not as efficiently as it was designed. Keep in mind that some common issues like hair in the drain can cause slow draining.

Gurgling sounds

As your main sewer line becomes blocked, it will prevent sewerage from passing through it as designed. This can result in a strange rumbling or gurgling sound emanating as water slowly trickles through the system.

Here’s what to do if the main sewer line keeps clogging

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1) Turn off the water

The first thing that you should do is to turn off the water in your home, as this will prevent the situation from getting worse.

2) Open the main sewer line pipe

You should then use a wrench to open the main sewer line and let the blockage drain out.

3) Insert an auger

Once the waste has drained out, insert an auger or plumbing snake into the pipe and begin feeding it through until you reach the blockage.

4) Hose the pipe down

Once you have been able to clear the pipe with the auger, wash both down with a hose as you slowly remove it.

When to Call a Plumber to Fix a Main Sewer Line Clog

While clearing the main sewer line can sometimes be conducted yourself, it can be a messy task, and you may end up causing more problems. Unless you are completely confident in what you need to do, it is always best to call in the services of a professional to prevent causing more damage to your home.

How to Prevent a Main Sewer Line Clog

There are many reasons why your sewer line will become clogged. Sometimes, this could be caused by natural corrosion or damaged pipes. However, the most common reason is due to flushing items that should not be flushed.

This could be paper towels, wet wipes, sanitary products, or other bulky items, so ensuring you are disposing of your waste correctly is essential. Regular drain cleanings may also help relieve issues caused by improperly flushed items.

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